What is ReKosh?

At its core, the ReKosh device is a sizable smart box equipped with a touch screen that displays the number of plastic bottles collected across multiple points. It also indicates how many more need to be collected to reach a specific campaign goal (e.g., collecting 100,000 plastic bottles).

It goes without saying that ReKosh is equipped with additional hardware to ensure the system's smooth operation. Furthermore, all ReKosh devices, distributed across various locations, are connected to a central server. This server oversees the devices' proper functioning and synchronizes them with our latest campaigns.

The box features an entry point where users can deposit plastic bottles, aiding in the pursuit of the goal. Our smart recycling system is powered by a state-of-the-art custom AI solution designed specifically for precise object recognition. This advanced technology ensures flawless and accurate identification of recyclable items, setting the stage for innovative recycling solutions that seamlessly combine various waste types, such as plastic bottles, cans, and glass bottles.

What is the goal?

Once the goal is met, the amassed plastic will be transformed into funds. These funds will be reinvested in the company, with a significant portion allocated to support public causes. For instance, the funds might be used to purchase essential equipment for a hospital or assist an individual in need. While the objective varies based on current needs, the overarching mission remains clear: we aim to instill good recycling habits in people and contribute positively to society.

Ultimately, we envision a widespread network of ReKosh devices.

Why are we driven to do this?

Because we recognize that it's easy for one to fall into a routine of work, home, television, and inactivity. We're determined to break that mold. The blessings we enjoy today are the legacy of our forebears. To ensure a prosperous future for our children and subsequent generations, we believe it's imperative to take action now.

Where does the name come from?

The name ReKosh is derived from two words: "re" as in recycle, and "kosh," which means "Bin" or "Box" in Bulgarian. Essentially, ReKosh stands for "a recycling box."

The good news - We're ready

Our prototype will be launched soon. Take a look below to see what's on the horizon.


We organized events in cooperation with local schools in Shumen city, Bulgaria, to demonstrate the first version of ReKosh and engage children in building good habits by recycling plastic bottles and cans. The campaign was a success, resulting in the collection of 2,000 kilos of plastic bottles and cans.


Financing from Grand America for Bulgaria and BNCB amounted to 12,500 EUR.

Hardware of ReKosh v2

We have built the second version of the ReKosh hardware, and it is ready to be released on the market for its initial live tests.

Software and AI of ReKosh v2

The complete cloud and ReKosh software architecture have been developed. Additionally, we've created an AI recognition system capable of identifying the type of item inserted as well as its material.


We have already reached out to potential customers interested in installing ReKosh at their facilities, including local stores, schools, and more.

Next - Beta Test ReKosh

The next step is to beta test ReKosh in a live environment, which will provide us with valuable data to enhance the device for future sales.

Next - advance

Our subsequent goal is to improve the current model and penetrate the market.

on the market

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Petar Bodurov


Co-Founder / Digital Director at Pixels Digital Agency and President of PODOBRI Foundation, Activist, Social Entrepreneur

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Denis Ismetov

Robotics and Hardware

President of RoboClub.BG

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15+ experience in software development. Senior Full-Stack Developer at CampLight | CEO & Founder of DeepSource

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For Investors

If you are an investor and would like to get in touch with us, please reach out at hi@rekosh.io.

Should you wish to visit us in person and see our prototype, mention that in your email and prepare for a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria.


If an error occurs on a ReKosh device and you would like to report an issue, please send us an email with more details to hi@rekosh.io.

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